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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Q: Are we staying at a resort?

A: No, we have rented 4 private Villas that share a private beach.

Q: How far is the bus ride from the airport to the villas?

A: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Q: Are beverages included for the entire week?

A: Yes, we are paying for an open bar the entire week. The bar will have a selection of FREE/paid drinks (vodka, rum, tequila, whisky, beer, sangria) with the option to pay for additional drink options if needed.

Q: Is all food covered for the week?

A: Yes, breakfast, lunch, dinner and events are all covered for the duration of the trip.

Q: Will there be food and drinks on the bus?

A: Yes, there will be beer, sangria and snacks.

Q: Will we leave the villas?

A: No. Unless you add on an excursions, we will be at the villas the entire trip.

Q: What do we need to wear for the wedding?

A: Women: White formal dresses and neutral shoes. Men: Black suites, with white shirt and black shoes. Optional tie/bowtie.

Q: Are there planned festivities/events for the week?

A: Yes, please read the "Trip Agenda" blog post for details but here is an overall list of festivities/events during the week:

- Neon Glow In The Dark Pool Party (Wed)

- Cocktail Mixer/ Black Out Pool Party (Thurs)

- Wedding (Fri)

- Beach Bonfire & Live Entertainment (Sat)

- Brunch (Sun)

- Karaoke (Sun)

Q: Do we need pesos? or cash?

A: We are handling all gratuity so you will not need to tip servers or staff. You will only need cash (US dollars) for your Covid Test ($75) and if you plan on getting massages at the villas.

Q: How much are the massages?

A: Massages and facials start at $40 (we will provide a massage/facial service sheet closer to the date).

Q: Do the villas have wifi?

A: Yes, all villas have wifi. Your phones will work within the wifi but when outside of wifi, you will not be able to use your phones. If you need service outside of wifi, contact your cellphone provider for rates.

Q: Who is attending our wedding?

A: We have a total of 60 guests including 6 of Dre's family members (Mom, Dad, Aunt, 3 Cousins) 9 of Bre's family members (Mom, Brother, 2 Cousins, 1 Uncle, 4 aunts) and the rest of our guests are friends. Our guests are traveling from Washington DC, Tampa, Cleveland, Columbus, Atlanta, Philly & LA.

Q: Who should we contact if we have questions?

A: Contact Bre at 202-875-4848 for overall questions. Questions regarding your flight, villa or other travel logistics should be sent to Ryan (Our Trip Cordinator) at underthesundr@gmail.com.

Q: Will we need to be Covid Tested before returning to the US?

A: Yes. A doctor will be doing the tests at your villa (day and time TBA). Please send $75 via paypal to underthesundr@gmail.com

Q: Will we be able to buy souvenirs?

A: Yes, during the beach bonfire, we will have someone come by with some souvenirs.

If you have other questions, please ask so we continue to add to this blog for other guests.

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