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Tour The Private Villas - This Is NOT A Resort

We want to make it clear that you will not be staying at a resort. We have rented private villas that share a private beach in the heart of Cabrera. The only people who will be here is our guests and the staff at each villa.

We have a total of 4 Villas for our guests (you should know which one you are in but if not, just reach out):

Tres Amarras "Wedding Villa"

Flor Suites (Extension of Tres Amarras)

Flor De Cabrera "Family Villa"

Sunrise Villa

Tres Amarras: "Wedding Villa"

Flor De Cabrera "Family Villa"

Sunrise Villa

All guests will eat at their villas (Flor Suites guests eat at Tres Amarras) as each villa has a private chef, but outside of eating, you will most likely spend all of your time at the wedding villa, Tres Amarras.

If you don't know which Villa you are in, reach out and we will let you know!

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