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IMPORTANT: Mandatory Wedding Day Attire

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Attire Details: We would like women to wear all white formal attire and men in black suits with white shirts. Bowtie and Ties are optional but recommended. WE ARE NOT getting married on a beach. Below are images of where the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception will take place.

The ceremony will take place here: Dre & Bre will be standing on a stage in the middle and all guest will be seated around us in the grass area.

The cocktail hour will take place here:

This video shows the entrance into the cocktail hour and ceremony area. As you see, there is no sand anywhere which is why we are taking the more formal route for attire.


Wedding Attire


- wear ALL white

- wear something you feel comfortable in. I made sure to include rompers, pants, shorts and both short and long dresses above to show all the different formal options.

- make sure your white, is white. Not off white or cream.


- wear anything that has ANY other color in it besides white.

- wear colorful or loud jewelry, the vibe of the night is formal black tie so keep it classy

- wear bright colored shoes, keep shoes neutral (black, nude, clear, silver, gold or white)



- wear black dress pants

- wear white dress shirt

- wear a black bow tie, tie or vest (optional but suggested as this is a formal event)

- feel free to wear a pattern or texture as long as it's all black


- wear any other color shirt besides white

- wear any other color pants or jacket other than black

- wear any other bow tie, vest or suspenders that aren't black

- wear any other color shoes besides black


The after party will be a "Black Out - Pool Party" so make sure you bring your BLACK swim suits and trunks :) The video below shows the area.

Black Out Pool Party

All Black Swimwear (Anything, as long as it's all black)

If you're not sure if your outfit fits the dress code, please text Bre at 202-875-4848.

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