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Dress Code + What To Pack

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

$75 CASH (for Covid test) & YOUR PASSPORT! - DON'T FORGET YOUR PASSPORT Plus....


- Antonio, Remy, Ryan, Claud, Calli, Kayo, Cece, Chayne, Devin, Brittany, Tina, Rachel, Jeremy, Tenille, Marcellus, Tyrell, Hope, Luke, Zakee, Desiree, Dre & Bre

You need to bring a nude outfit for dinner on Wednesday. See example below: (patterns are welcomed). We will be taking a group shot similar to the one below.

1. Neon Colored Swimwear

(Only for individuals who arrive on Wednesday)

Pack a bright colored bathing suit or swim trucks.

2. Black Swimwear

Thursday's theme is black out - bring your favorite all black swimsuit / trucks (it's okay if your swimwear has a pattern as long as it's not a color. Black/White is fine but try to keep it as black as possible.

3. Wedding Day Outfit:

Women: All White Formal Dress & Nude, White or Clear Shoes

Men: Black Suite, White Dress Shirt & Black Shoes (Optional but suggested bowtie or tie)

4. Earth Tone Outfit for the Beach Bonfire on Saturday

For the beach bonfire, you can wear whatever you like as long as it's neutral or earth toned. Patterns and color combinations are totally welcomed! See the color palette below for inspiration:

5. Bright and or Tropical outfit for Brunch @ Flor De Cabrera

We will be having a buffet styled brunch which will then turn into a pool party. We would like guests to wear bright and tropical inspired clothing. Have fun with it :)

Other things to pack:

- An active outfit for your excursion day (optional)

- Other swimwear/cover ups

- Flip Flops / Sandals

- Comfy Casual Clothes

- Beach Casual Clothes

- Sunscreen / Tanning Lotion

- Shampoo/Conditioner

- Body Wash

If you have any questions/concerns about your attire, message Bre at 202-875-4848.

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